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Air transport is the most recent mode of transport. It is the gift of the 20th century to the world. The two world wars gave a great impetus to the development of air transport in almost all the countries of the world. The peculiar characteristic of air transport is that is does not need a specific surface track for its operations.

It has no physical barriers as in the case of other mode of transport. Political boundaries are also immaterial although it has to observe the requirements of the International Law. The supreme advantage of air transport lies in its quickness.

It is the fastest mode of transport. But the cost of its operation is very high and thus it is suitable for mails and light and costly cargo. However, in advanced countries like U.S.A., Germany, etc. it offers a tough competition to the railways.


Essence Group provides fast, flexible and reliable air freight solutions, whatever your destination or deadline.

Our extensive shipping and logistics experience ensures we can cater for all your requirements when it comes to air freight, including collection and delivery, advice on best route and fastest transit. We offer a range of different options to suit your budget and specified deadlines.

We offer competitive rates and a flexible approach to customer demands covering all major airports across the world. We can also track shipments so our customers have access to real-time information and status of their cargo. Our comprehensive global network of partners ensure we are able to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

With our own customs badge code, we also provide a range of air freight customs clearance services including inspections, documentation and final clearance.

Essence Group can also provide warehouse, storage, collection and delivery services for your cargo.

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