Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables

Would you like to out contact the transport of your fruits and vegetables? Essence Group is the right partner for you! At this moment we have more than 10 years of experience of international transportation, so we can reassure you we can professionally transport your cargo. We gladly help to come up with transportation and efficiency solutions to move your stocks from a location to a desired destination in Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and other.

To efficiently move your fruits and vegetables a certain degree of knowledge and experience of the product is fundamental. We use trucks with built-in cooling equipment, partition walls and a double vaporizer to create an optimal climate for the preservation of condiments. The main asset of this system is the possibility to use multi-temperature. This provides the possibility to transport different types of cargo at a diversity of cooling and freezing temperatures. Some interesting aspects of this system:

  • Possibility to transport cooled or frozen commodities.
  • Choice between fully loaded trucks or grouping with other customers
  • International transport with knowledge of the countries we operate in.

our advantages

Are you pursuing a trustworthy company for international transportation? At Essence Group we regularly transport fruits and vegetables. Our niche within the fruits and vegetables market in Italy are, amongst other regions, Torino and Cuneo; in Spain we mainly focus on the regions of Almeria, Murcia, Valencia and Castellon.

On a weekly basis we load fruits and vegetables for many large consumers to supply supermarkets, but also to wholesale markets for further transport to Scandinavian countries. We certainly don’t limit our range to the aforementioned areas and provide you with the opportunity to load cargo anywhere in Italy, Spain and France.